branding Support

Full Skin Support

RocketFuel checkout platforms completely support the look and feel of ANY merchant website skin. Only the underlying encoding in HTML is required for the system to work properly. Therefore, merchants can fully enjoy the benefit of RocketFuel efficient checkouts without disturbing their brand identity by even a single pixel

The common HTML hyperlink or .NET web object can include an underlying navigation link or URL such as:” bitcoin:1SatoshiX3tCVvwS7gvKfKrhunRnWefx?amount=.00″3 This encoding carries all required information without disturbing the user interface portion of the merchant website. Therefore, the user experience may be 100% sterilized from any foreign looking effects that are highly undesirable for merchant who try to maintain a clean brand identity. Mere.ham s may deploy RocketFuel checkout without messing up their nice web store appearance.