Full cart support

complex checkout supported

Full multiple item, multiple quantity, transaction are completely supported by RocketFuel checkout systems. Where RocketFuel checkout is to be deployed within a full service eCommerce store rather than a simple advertisement , transactions often include multiple items and sometimes items in multiple quantities. The product specification encoding fully anticipate these scenarios while still providing a blockchain based instant checkout – no problem. The URL encoding supports any complex purchase order and order details are easily deciphered from the common blockchain transaction. Thus, the full range of eCommerce checkout possibility is enabled by RocketFuel platforms.

Only minor active processing on a web store server make the ‘Buy Now’ button responsive to quantity text boxes for example to update the URL with the correct information to reflect a quantity, size or color selection for example. These schemes are also possible directly in advertisements via minimal Javascript processing. RocketFuel instant checkout is not limited to single item purchases, but rather fully supports all major notions of product parameter selection in connection with consumer choices.