in-ad checkout

sales via web media

Even major international media companies will sell advertisements that can carry the entire HTML encoding needed by the RocketFuel checkout platform. Because the encoding is purely HTML, the host is not exposed to any sensitive handling requirement. Indeed, the host need not do anything other that provide the advertising space in the conventional way. Therefore, RocketFuel checkout systems are 100% compliant and ready for full deployment on all web servers today. There are no special adjustments nor installations for any host of the RocketFuel checkout plat form. Merchants merely encode their advertisements with the RocketFuel protocol and place those advertisements in the conventional manner.

While visiting a major website such as, consumers are presented with certain advertisement having the RocketFuel checkout therein. With just a single click, the user triggers a local app and confirms the desire to purchase. Instantly, a blockchain transaction is sent from the user app via Internet to the blockchain. The merchant detects such prescribed blockchain activity via software provided by RocketFuel and responds thereto by conveying the purchased goods directly via mail to the consumer., the advertisement host does nothing at all.

In this way, merchants can sell their products on many thousands of websites where their customers might be browsing. There is no longer a need to forward the user browser to a web store to checkout via a cumbersome cart process where multiple fields having address and payment information need to be captured.