Parallel checkouts

parallel checkout paths

RocketFuel checkout schemes maybe deployed alongside conventional checkout cart systems for minimum disruption to some merchant web stores. Where merchants want to offer the instant checkout schemes of RocketFuel for consumer ease of use, they can deploy these next to their conventional cart without disturbance to their current eCommerce site. A RocketFuel ‘Buy Now’ button can be deployed with a conventional ‘add to cart’ button thereby allowing consumers t\vo choices. By doing this, merchants bring about ‘instant checkout’ functionality to their webstore thus reducing redirects for clients.

eCommerce merchants will not adopt into their web sales complex mechanisms that disturb the normal transaction flow. Therefore, we have specifically configured RocketFuel to be so minimally invasive that it can be deployed in parallel without disturbance to legacy systems. Merchants can deploy RocketFuel instant checkout without any effect whatever on their prior checkout modes.