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social media monetization

Very important social media platforms such as Pinterest have still not cracked the monetization scheme. It is a very significant notion to deploy a local sales and checkout system. Without doing that, a social media giant is left only with affiliate marketing. The gap between these is huge. With RocketFuel checkout systems, a social media giant like Pinterest will find monetization quite readily available. Custom advertisements with encoding specific to Pinterest will bring about sales of products directly in the Pinterest site while merchant partners handle fulfillment. Pinterest remains a social media company without the burdens of handling sales / fulfillment. However, as all payment is done via the blockchain, 100% accounting enables total elimination of affiliate fraud and accounting errors.

Other social media platforms can similarly deploy RocketFuel checkout into their web site to allow independent merchants to generate web sales via blockchain. Since the consumer browser never leaves the social media site, the browsing experience is not interrupted and the attention remains on the platform. Affiliate programs are very easy to cheat and a highly unreliable at fully capturing the sale transaction.

Conversely, checkout via RocketFuel directly within the social media platform assures the very highest ability of a website to monetize their user base attention.