Third Party sites

Third party hosting

For the very first time ever, a full checkout platform can be hosted on a third-party we bsite. Only RocketFuel checkout systems can be used to complete web sales directly on third party hosts. Because RocketFuel payment rails exist as a pure blockchain mechanism, there is no longer any need for a merchant server to capture payment and shipping information. For the first time ever, merchants can sell their products directly without advertisements – on ANY website. This is an enormous advantage that will open entirely new sales channels.

It is no longer necessary to ‘capture’ a potential buyer and fonvard her browser to a checko ut system hosted by a merchant computer. Rather, consumers can simply interact with an advert isemen t to effect an instant buy transaction (just one click on the ad!) and thereafter expect delivery at their home soon.

Because the product specification, payment and shipping information all are encoded into the blockchain transaction, there is no need at all for the website host to capture any information. In fact, the host web server is not even aware the transac tion occu rs. Rather, a local user app responds to the click on the adver tisement to trigger a blockchain transaction.